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RF Premium

RF™ Premium – Class Cartridges

At the end of 2009 our trading and production association «ReFurbished Service» received an official confirmation from the Latvian Patent Bureau to the registration of its trademark RF™, under which we started producing alternative RF™ Premium – class cartridges for laser printers.


Our mission objectives:

  • Creation of an independent European brand based on the principle of strict quality control
  • Fight for ecology and environment.
  • Provision with safety and availability of the use of print devices with the laser printing principle.

Principles of our pricing policy:

  • The price per our products according to 90% positions of the whole range of products is в 2-3 times lower of the similar original OEM products 
  • Additional discounts purchasing our products in the event of return of the used cartridges.

Description of RF™ Premium – class products:

  • No a visual difference compared to the original – a high level of cardboard production;
  • Produced on the basis of original packs;
  • Air light-proof package – AIR-PAQ;
  • Control band – RATE SEAL;
  • Chip (if necessary);
  • 100% tested;
  • Quality control at the production in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996;
  • Significance of the resource of cartridge operation pursuant to the International production standards ISO/IEC 19752 and ISO/IEC 19798;
  • Possibility for multiple secondary utilization for filling and recovery;
  • Absolute guarantee of quality and responsibility of the supplier for the operation of print devices;
  • Duplicated description of guarantees, technology and resource on the pack in the Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvia and Belorussian languages.