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Samsung CLP-510D5M

Samsung CLP-510D5M
Compatibility with printers:

Samsung CLP-510D5M

Cartridge code:CLP-510D5M chip
Resource:5000 copies
Chip availability:Yes
Service Quant. Price VAT
Price of refilling with chip replacement:50.00 €
Price RF™:55.00 €
Price of Econom pack
RF™(2 шт.):
99.00 €
Price of new one:115.00 €
Please, bring us an empty cartridge and get a discount at the rate of 10% buying a new cartridge RF™
Refilling includes:
  • cleaning of all cartridge parts;
  • polish (washing) of drums, blades, rollers;
  • toner refilling;
  • removal of permanent electrostatic charges;
  • Chip replacement (upon customer’s request).
Renovation includes:
  • replacement of drums, blades and rollers;
  • cleaning of all cartridge details;
  • removal of permanent charges;
  • refilling;
  • Chip replacement (upon customer’s request).

All production is packaged into opaque hermetic packs and into trade-marked boxes

Warranty obligations
Transport costs for product delivery are not included in the service payment.